Oolong tea from Taiwan origins from the Southern Fujian Oolong. It was the migrants from the Southern Fujian Province to the Taiwan island who brought the tea, and started tea plantation in the late 18th century. Throughout time, tea finds its habitations in the various micro-climate in Taiwan. Many famous Oolong teas have been invented, such as ” Dong Ding”, “Pear Mountain” and “Alishan”.

Discover the “Oriental Beauty”

Many tea lovers believe that Taiwan Oolong distinct from the other three Oolong sub-categories by its milky aroma. In fact, the Oolong that specifically associates with Taiwan is the “Oriental beauty”.  It was named by Queen Elizabeth II in the 1960s after she tried it for the first time. As the origin of this cultivar, the “Oriental beauty” has been considered as the “unique taste of Taiwan”.

September 16 — Northern Fujian Oolong: Da Hong Pao/Big Red Rope.

October 21 — Southern Fujian Oolong: Iron Goddess, ZP Narcissus

November 18 — Guangdong Oolong: Mi Lan Xiang/Duck poop tea

December 16 — Taiwan style Oolong (Champagne Oolong): Oriental beauty

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