The rare treasury – Guangdong style Oolong

Many tea lovers have heard of Oolong Tea, but not many of them have ever heard of the sub-category – “Guangdong style Oolong”.

As a neighbor of Fujiang Province (the main Oolong tea producing region), Guangdong Province has preserved its own Oolong tea cultural as well as its most famous tea – “Phoenix Dan Cong”. In fact, the “Gong Fu” tea style is originated from the Guangdong tea appreciation style. Due to the limited production of the “Phoenix Dan Cong”, it becomes the “lily in the hidden valley”.

Guangdong style Oolong (Phoenix Dan Cong): Mi Lan Xiang/Duck poop tea

The “Phoenix Dan Cong” or “Phoenix Single Cluster” is tea plucked from a single tea bush. Almost all Phoenix Dan Cong is from the one cultivar named “Narcissus”. Throughout the generations of cultivation, great variations of this cultivar have been identified and preserved, which gave birth to as many as over 80 aromas of tea varieties within the “Phoenix Dan Cong”.

During this workshop, the two most representative tea varieties – “Mi Lan” (Honey Orchid”) and “Duck poop” teas to introduce you this rare Oolong tea sub-category.

September 16 — Northern Fujian Oolong: Da Hong Pao/Big Red Rope.

October 21 — Southern Fujian Oolong: Iron Goddess, ZP Narcissus

November 18 — Guangdong Oolong: Mi Lan Xiang/Duck poop tea

December 16 — Taiwan style Oolong (Champagne Oolong): Oriental beauty

MING Tea is a tea knowledge educator, and a tea culture and tea life promoter. This carefully designed “Tea & Talks” serials will take you through the wonderful Oolong tea family. With this “Guangdong Oolong” workshop, let us start the amazing “Tea Journey”…