Taste the delicacy and floral sweetness in your cup

Oolong tea from the Southern Fujian Province is famous for its mild delicacy taste. The typical one is “Tie Guan Yin” or “Iron Goddess”. Another popular one is the Narcissus (a type of flower) from the Zhangping county (ZP).  During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to taste the tea samples we carefully selected, and share your experience with other tea lovers!

Southern Fujian style Oolong (Green Oolong): Tie Guan Yin/Iron Goddess, ZP Narcissus

This workshop is one of the four Oolong serials to introduce you the four sub-categories of the Oolong tea family. This is a unique opportunity to exchange your tea experiences with other tea enthusiasts while enjoying some excellent tea samples. Edward Qu, Chinese tea sommelier, certified tea reviewing specialist and a tea lifestyle enthusiast, takes you on a tea journey and encourages roundtable discussion on various topics of tea. Learn about this popular tea from plant to cup.

September 16 — Northern Fujian Oolong: Da Hong Pao/Big Red Rope.

October 21 — Southern Fujian Oolong: Iron Goddess, ZP Narcissus

November 18 — Guangdong Oolong: Mi Lan Xiang/Duck poop tea

December 16 — Taiwan style Oolong (Champagne Oolong): Oriental beauty

MING Tea is a tea knowledge educator, and a tea culture and tea life promoter. This carefully designed “Tea & Talks” serials will take you through the wonderful Oolong tea family. With this “Green Oolong” workshop, let us start the amazing “Tea Journey”…