501. Tea Tour


(1) Duration: 11days in China (April 18th to April 29, 2020)

(2) Places: Beijing, Hangzhou (Zhejiang province), Yixing (Jiangsu province), Wuyishan+Zhenghe (Fujian province);

(3) Capacity: Only Six (6) spots

(4) Cost: All local travel, accommodations, admissions to events/museums included.



501. Tea Tour

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Tea adventure:

  • Visit the birthplace of Keemun, Lapsang Souchong, Dragonwell and more;
  • Honored State-owned tea factories;
  • tea masters’ private tea studios;
  • local farmers’ tea factories;
  • individual tea processing studio;
  • green/black/oolong/white tea gardens;
  • Zisha teapot maker’s studio;
  • local tea farm markets;
  • the biggest tea market in Asia.


People to meet:

Handmade Tea masters of Green/White/Oolong/Black Teas.


Event to attend:

  • Tea tasting and lectures given by the tea masters onsite of tea plantations;
  • Make your own tea from plucking to processing step-by-step with tea masters;
  • Make your own Zisha teapots with the artists in their private studio;
  • The 12th China International Tea Exhibition (April in Beijing);
  • The 13th China/Taiwan tea expo in Wuyishan (November in Fujian province).


Special Offer for early signup:

Sign up before 2019 Dec 20th, only $500 deposit to lock your place out of the six spots!  

Please email mingteagathering@gmail.com or contact Edward at 416-854-6960 for more information.                   


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