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304. Yellow/Dark Tea Connoisseur


Course Arrangement:

  1. Oxidation vs Fermentation;
  2. Yellow: History, culture, vocabularies, characteristics and processing skills;
  3. Yellow tea cupping method and region recognition;
  4. Yellow tea processing steps and grading;
  5. Dark: History, culture, vocabularies, characteristics and processing skills;
  6. Dark tea cupping method and region recognition;
  7. Dark tea processing steps and grading;
  8. Exam, presentation and tea gathering.


201 Brewing Master


8 weeks


Nov. 2019-Mar. 2020


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304. Yellow/Dark Tea Connoisseur

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Did you know:

  • Have you ever heard of “Yellow Tea”? It is the most rare tea family among the six Chinese tea families;
  • The Yellow Tea processing skill is vanishing and it is protected as a heritage nowadays;
  • Dark tea is different from Black. The key conception is “fermentation” which is different from “oxidization”; 
  • Dark tea is compressed into bricks and stored for years. The beneficial bacteria change the flavor as time goes which is the so-called “aging’. 


This course is designed for tea lovers who are interested in yellow teas and dark teas.

This course contains 24 hours of study which are divided into 8 sessions (3 hours/session). A total of 15+ premium tea samples will be tasted during the sessions.  Please refer to “Addition Information” for the Exam requirement and the Locations.

Additional information


24 hours (3 hours * 8 weeks)


201-Brewing Master


Blind Cupping, Case study / Presentation, Written Exam

Course Capacity

Small class (2-6 people)

Course Facilities

Course Handout, Tea Samples


MING Tea Classroom (Burlington)


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