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Tea knife



MING Tea Design tea knife:

(1) Material: hardwood handle and cap | stainless steel knife | copper hardware;

(2) Size: Large – 17cm * 2cm | Small – 15cm * 1.5 cm;

(3) With MING Tea logo carved in the cap;

(4) For breaking compressed tea cakes/ tea disks/ tea bricks

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Product Information

MING Tea design tea knife:

  • Beautifully crafted stainless steel tea knife, with hardwood handle and cap;
  • For tightly compressed tea like white tea cakes, Pu’er disks, and Dark tea bricks;
  • It is best to use our tea knife to carefully pry out some leaves;
  • Well crafted, a good collections for tea lovers;
  • With a protective sheath that allows for safe storage till the next time you need it;
  • Can use for breaking up ice, or frozen food.


Tips on how to break compressed tea cakes/disks/tuos/bricks:

The technique that works best is to insert the knife into the edge of the cakes/disks/tuos/bricks,

then gently work it up and down until the tea loosens and falls off.



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