Tea Holder set


MING Tea selected tea holder:

(1) Material: natural bamboo (hand-crafted);

(2) Smart design, great starter kit for Gongfu Tea lovers/learners;

(3) Ideal for tea ceremony/tea meditation and daily use.

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Product Information


This tea holder set consists of three pieces: a curved bamboo tea holder, a combined tea needle + teas poon, and a rest for it.

Instead of buying a long list of items traditionally used for Gongfu tea, we saved the trouble for you by simplifying the utensils and selecting only the most frequently used items.

In addition, we combined the tea needle and tea spoon into one piece to make it more convenient for travel and everyday use.

It is a great starter kit that contains basically all the tools you need to kick off your journey learning Gongfu Tea!


The whole set is made of high-quality natural bamboo. It is solid yet lightweight. No taste or smell of the material.


The whole set is hand-crafted. The tea holder is for dry tea display to observe the appearance which is the first step of tea quality reviewing.

The tea spoon is used to handle dry tea leaves, such as assisting putting dry tea leaves into the brewing vessel.

The tea needle is used to handle wet tea leaves after the tea was brewed. Also to clean the spout of the teapot.

The rest is to hold the combined tea needle and tea spoon when it is idle.

MING TEA Selection

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