Gaiwan - Blue glazed


MING tea designed porcelain Gaiwan (covered bowl/ lidded bowl)

(1) High-fired fine ceramic / heat-resistant up to 120C/240F;

(2) Size: ∅10 cm – fits medium to large hands;

(3) Volume: 150ml;

(4) Shape: low-stand with large belly






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Product Information


If you are a fan of Gongfu tea, a well-designed Gaiwan is indispensable.

The unique style combining elegance and functionality makes it a symbol of Gongfu tea.

Its universality makes it an ideal brewing vessel for most loose leave tea.



We thoughtfully designed this Gaiwan to make it ideal for Gongfu tea learners.

We extend the rim of the bowl so the edges stay cool for easy lifting with two fingers after brewing.

The knob of the lid is the right hight allowing full control when pouring tea liquor out into the fairness cup.

The diameter of the opening of the bowl is around 10 cm.

We suggest you measure the size of your dominant hand to ensure you can control it with ease ( see tips below).



This Gaiwan is made of high-fired ceramic makes it heat-resistant up to 120C / 240F.

The stunning dark-blue glaze is appealing and easy to match with other Gongfu tea set items.

The inside is white allowing observation of the tea leave appearance and tea liquor color while brewing.

It also carries our MING tea logo on the bottom.



Are you looking for an original and special gift for a friend, colleague or relative who loves tea?

How about giving a friend or a loved one an opportunity to start the journey enjoying the true

taste of loose leaf tea in the artisanal Gongfu style?


Tips of how to select a Gaiwan:

We are always asked by our students how to select a Gaiwan when one first started learning Gongfu tea.

You might have the experience that you bought a love-at-first-sight Gaiwan, but figured out it was burning your fingers when actually using it.

Actually, selecting the right Gaiwan is not as easy as it seems to be.

Here are some factors to consider:

Shape: there are two major shapes – low-stand with large belly and tall-stand with narrow belly. Generally speaking, large belly allows more

contact space between tea leaves and water inside the bowl when brewing, while narrow belly looks slimmer and prettier;

Size: the key factor to consider is whether your “Finger span” is bigger than the diameter of the opening of the bowl of Gaiwan;

“Finger span” – the distance between your middle finger and the thumb stretched to the maximum extent;

Volume: large over 150ml; medium 120ml ~ 150ml;  small 100ml ~ 120ml;

Material: there are so many materials such as porcelain, ceramic, glass, purple clay (Zi Sha), silver…  A porcelain one is the must-have due to its universality.

Color: this is a point that some people might overlook. A lighter color like white makes it easier to observe the tea liquor.

MING TEA Selection

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