Rock Oolong - Bai Ji Guang



Rock Oolong – Bai Ji Guan

Tea family:Oolong

Cultivar:North Fujian Oolong

Tea Maker:Ms. You Yuqiong

Production Year: 2017 Spring-flush

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Product Information

Oxidation Level: 20%-40% oxidized;

Tasting Notes:  A floral base combined with slightly seaweeds aroma; complexed and balanced liquor;

Special Feature: A rich, complexed and balanced aroma and mouthfeel;

Steeping Instructions: (Gongfu style)

(1) Ratio: 3g/100ml;

(2) Water temperature: boiling water;

(3) Steeping time: 30 seconds for the first infusion; add 10s for successive infusions;

(4) Total infusions: 10+ infusions.


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