Green - Bi Luo Chun (Grade A)


Bi Luo Chun

Tea family:Green Tea

Cultivar:Suzhou, Jiangsu

Tea Maker:Mr. Yang Feng

Production Year: 2019 Spring-flush

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Product Information

Category: Green tea | Non-Oxidized | Pan-frying method fixing;

Tasting Notes:  floral, delicate, sweet and refreshing;

Characteristics: curly shape like a snail with hair all over the leaves, silver green, a fresh fragrance like that of flower and fruit, fresh taste;

Steeping Instructions: (Gongfu style T.R.I.P)

(1) Temperature: 70-80 degree;

(2) Ratio of tea to water: 2g/100ml;

(3) Infusion time: 90 – 120 seconds for the first infusion; add 20s for successive infusions;

(4) Total infusions: 3-5 infusions.


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