Tea Critics – White Tea Specialist


Course Arrangement:

  1. White tea basics and must-learn Chinese
  2. White tea processing methods and appreciating notes
  3. New producing techniques and common unscrupulous processing methods
  4. White tea – varieties of cultivars
  5. White tea differences between terroirs
  6. White tea grading, reviewing
  7. Aged white tea gallery


Tea Basics 101


7 weeks



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Did you know:

  • White tea is becoming popular just recently; but actually, its history is longer than the sum of the history of Black and Oolong teas.
  • As the most natural and delicate tea, white tea is the original tea used for meditation in Chinese temples from hundreds of years ago.
  • White tea tastes better with ages.

This course is designed for White tea lovers and tea lifestyle promoters. White tea – no stirring or rolling involved in the processing –  maintains its natural flavor to the most extent. Withering in daylight or indoors naturally, white tea’s processing seems much simpler than other 5 families, and in fact, the pace of withering balances the flavor and nutrition which form the character of high quality white tea which requires craft-ship and accumulated wisdom of generations. The final pursue is to preserve the health benefits and delicacy – that so-called “the taste of the natural”. It explains why white tea was chosen as the original tea for meditation. Upon completion of the course, you will become a Canadian expert in White tea and acquire the best company at your daily tea table.

This course contains 21 hours of courses which are divided into 7 sessions (3 hours/session). A total of 22+ premium tea samples will be tasted during the 7 sessions.  Please refer to “Addition Information” for the Exam requirement and the Locations.



Additional information


Tea Basics 101


12 hours (3 hours * 4 weeks), 21 hours (3 hours * 7 weeks)


Blind Cupping, Case study / Orale presentation, Written Exam

Course Capacity

Small class (2-4 people)

Course Facilities

Course Handout, Tea Samples


MING Tea House, Mississaug, Oakville


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