Tea Critics – Rock Tea Specialist


Course Arrangement:

  1. Rock tea basics and appreciation notes
  2. Tribute tea made from 4 great cultivars
  3. 3 most popular Rock teas
  4. The original the latest cultivars
  5. Tea tasting – Inheritors’ handmade Rock tea
  6. Rock tea grading techniques
  7. Tea differences based on terroirs
  8. Tea differences based on cultivars
  9. Rock tea brewing method and practice
  10. Conclusion: Culture of Rock tea


Tea Basics 101


10 weeks



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Did you know:

  • Da-Hong-Pao is one of the most famous teas in China. It is also one of the most expensive teas and accordingly, the most what people get in the market are usually fake.
  • Rock tea can be made of over 830 cultivars in Wu Yi Mountain. Unfortunately, most Rock tea drinkers have only heard of no more than three of them, even in China.
  • Rock tea is the “Champagne” of Oolong tea. The producing region is small (about 1/3 the size of Burlington) but unique with hundreds of peaks. Each peak grows its own tea which varies significantly from other peaks in aroma and taste.
  • Rock tea producing method is the most complicated among the six tea families, as it almost covers all procedures used for Chinese handmade tea. The traditional Rock tea making skills are recognized as the Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO and the Rock tea masters with sophisticated skills are recognized as National Inheritors (the “inheritors”) of this tradition and skill. Premium tea made by them are collected by the national museum of China.


This course is designed for Rock tea lovers and Oolong tea enthusiasts. Rock tea is one of the most stunning Oolong subtypes. It combines the sophisticated skills, tea material from the unique terroir and the tea maker’s understanding of aroma.  One will be amazed by the abundant tea types and fascinated by the variation in aroma, taste and body sensation once he/she stepped into the Rock Tea world. We will show you the basic Rock tea varieties, the most representative ones, the most expensive ones, and the rarest ones. All Rock tea samples to be used are made by the inheritors to represent you the genuine taste.

This course contains 30 hours of courses which are divided into 10 sessions (3 hours/session). A total of 35+ premium tea samples will be tasted during the 10 sessions.  Please refer to “Addition Information” for the Exam requirement and the Locations.

Additional information


30 hours ( 3 hours * 10 weeks)


Tea Basics 101


Blind Cupping, Case study / Orale presentation, Written Exam

Course Capacity

Small class (2-4 people)

Course Facilities

Course Handout, Tea Samples


MING Tea House, Mississaug, Oakville


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