Tea Art


Course Arrangement:

  1. Tea ceremony basics and essential facts about Chinese culture
  2. Green / Yellow tea ceremony
  3. Oolong/Black tea ceremony practice with a Gaiwan
  4. Dark tea ceremony practice with a Teapot
  5. Tea set design and tea gathering/party hosting


Tea Basics 101


5 weeks



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Did you know:

  • Speaks of “Tea ceremony”, most probably one would think of the Japanese “CHADO”. In fact, the origin of “CHADO” is the Taoism concept and the Tea appreciating method of Song Dynasty in China. It is introduced to Japan by the monks who studied the Buddism in China.
  • In China, tea ceremony evolves throughout the Song Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty as the result of the changes in tea appreciating style.
  • Nowadays, the Chinese ceremony restored its Taoism philosophy and abandoned the restricted patterns and formats. Instead, it encourages the tea ceremony performers to express their understanding of human and nature by tea and tea set arrangement.

This course is designed to introduce the artistry of tea ceremony.  It is recommended to tea lovers who are strongly interested in Chinese tea culture, and those who respect Asian art and heritage. After this course, you will have knowledge of the tea performance and tea set arrangement ideology. Meanwhile, you can perform a Chinese tea ceremony and host a Chinese tea party in a professional way.

This course contains 15 hours of courses which are divided into 5 sessions (3 hours/session). Three main tea ceremonies will be introduced with 15+ premium tea samples.  Please refer to “Addition Information” for the Exam requirement and the Locations.

Additional information


Tea Basics 101


15 hours (3 hours * 5 weeks)


Case study / Orale presentation, Written Exam

Course Capacity

Small class (2-4 people)

Course Facilities

A Gongfu tea set, Course Handout, Tea Samples


MING Tea House, Mississaug, Oakville


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