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Inspired By The Beauty of Authentic Tea

Enjoy a perfect cup in the imperfect world.


Tea can be a beverage;

Tea can be a lifestyle;

Tea can be a practice;

Tea can be an Art.

Here with MING TEA, we can guide you to experience them all!

We offer a wide range of training packages to Tea enthusiasts, Tea Professionals, and Tea Artists. We can also customize tea courses to meet your special needs. If sitting in a room with a certified Chinese Tea Sommelier and having the opportunity for discussion with other tea learners sounds good to you then we can offer this with our classic Chinese Tea facilities.  


MING Tea is devoting to excellence in teaching, learning, and mindful practicing, and promoting tea lifestyle in North America.

  • Classic tea samples – premium Chinese tea

  • Qualified teaching staff – certified Chinese Sommeliers

  • Authentic teaching facilities – classic tea room settings


Bridging the tea knowledge and culture gap between China and North America;

Promoting tea lifestyle and tea Daoism philosophy.

Enjoy a perfect cup in an imperfect world;

Cherish each encounter as it’s never the same again.

Respect the Craftmanship of Chinese tea making skills;

Respect the spirit of Chinese Tea Daoism;

Respect the tradition of Chinese Tea Art.

All our tea samples are carefully sourced to present the genuine taste of Chinese Tea;

All tea courses are thoughtfully designed to reveal the Chinese tea character;

All instructors are qualified specialists to ensure the learning experience.




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