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MING Tea at the RBG Tea Festival

MING Tea with the Third Annual Tea Festival at the Royal Botanical Garden.

As the partner of the Tea Festival at the Royal Botanical Garden to be held on November 03/04, 2018, MING Tea is actively engaging in various events during the two days.

  • Two featured talks about Oolong Tea and the Tea Cultural.
  • Two tea art performances on each of the two days will be presented.
  • A VIP event to provide a hands-on experience with “GongFu” Tea style.
  • A mini-exhibition about the clay and ceramic tea wares will be presented during the whole Tea Festival


MING Tea will always be your side.

In the past two years, MING Tea has been a loyal partner of the RBG Annual Tea Festival. This year, we thoughtfully designed the Chinese Tea Ceremony or “Gong Fu Cha” to present how tea was enjoyed in the past when tea represented the worship of the harmony of human and nature. The Tea Ceremony combines flower arrangement, incense and music performance. What we want our audiences to experience is that the tea ceremony is not limited to tea brewing skills, but a type of meditative art.

Tea Ceremony – Greem tea & Oolong tea – Nov. 03  12:00-12:30pm / Nov. 04  12:00-12:30pm

Tea Ceremony – Greem tea & Oolong tea – Nov. 03  3:00-3:30pm / Nov. 04  3:00-3:30pm

Tea Talks – “The Chinese Tea Way” – Nov. 03  12:30 pm

Hands-on Tea Ceremony – Fully participate in an authentic Chinese tea ceremony – Nov. 03 7:00pm-9:00pm

Tea Talks – “Chinese Culture of Oolong Tea” – Nov. 04  12:30 pm


What to expect during the “Hand-on Tea Ceremony” – Fully participate in an authentic Chinese tea ceremony and observe rituals that have taken place for centuries. Divided into groups, everyone learns the correct way to prepare and serve their tea. A tea set is then given to each registrant to take home. This is an exclusive event limited to 25 people.

“Enjoy a perfect cup in the imperfect world.

                                                                          -a message from the MING Tea

MING Tea specializes in tea education and tea culture promotion. We spent years designing our “Tea course serials” to catering to the needs of different level of tea lovers.


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