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The story of MING Tea

Enjoy a perfect cup in an imperfect world!

From the plant to the cup, tea goes through a long journey from cultivating, plucking, producing to reviewing, brewing and finally encounters us. Throughout the long history with Tea in China, three types of tea specialists emerged: Tea Scholars; Tea Masters, and Tea Artists. Each group of specialists is an expert in its field.

New to the North American tea community, MING Tea introduces a wide range of authentic courses in Chinese tea appreciating, reviewing, tea art and tea Mindful practice by combining the expertise of China Tea Masters recognized as “Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritors of Handmade Tea” and China Certified Tea Sommeliers.

Tea can be a beverage;

Tea can be a lifestyle;

Tea can be a practice;

Tea can be an Art.

Here with MING TEA to experience them all!


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Edward Qu
Edward QuTea Skills and Critics
Founder of MING Tea
Chinese Tea Sommelier;
Chinese Tea Reviewing Specialist;
Tea Tour Planning Specialist

Monica Xian
Monica XianTea Art
Founder of MING Tea
Chinese Tea Sommelier;
Tea Art Specialist;
Canadian Tea Sommelier Candidate
Crystal Beaudoin
Crystal BeaudoinTea Meditation & Practice
Co-founder of MING Tea
MING Tea Sommelier
Canadian Tea Sommelier Candidate
Jennifer Linton
Jennifer LintonTea Skills and Tea Art
Co-founder of MING Tea
MING Tea Sommelier
Canadian Tea Sommelier Candidate


“There are no words that can express my complete gratitude to you for opening up your home to me and allowing me to taste of your wisdom, your knowledge, and your passion.”

“Thank you very much for having us over for tea. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learned a great deal as well”

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